Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Acting ah fool

Young ambitious muhfuckas , hungry & edger to get it at all cost back in the day’s . 22 years old my first fly out into the big leagues , left the hood behind going to new heights without a clue the level of what hustling is or grinding . New ball game than the shit I saw growing up even with a few niggas that was hustling before I had a chance to know shit . We in the air thirty thousand feet up plotting like the mobb, dreams of what we gonna do before landing  making our first dollar .
Niggas plagued the country for cash in bundles thicker than toilet tissue rolls . Niggas not given a care selling our souls for the gold rush in slower states & cities.
Niggas from Compton , Ca . came to takeover . Muhfuckas bought bitches like slaves & Bogarded our way through house holds like a raid in small villages in foreign countries . City cops were late & slower than the bigger states & cities . By the time their laws were updated to what was happening before their eyes it was over.
The whole country was turned out like zombies nshit . Zombies was the only thing left of civilization . Niggas from Compton turned every other state into graveyards, corpses just waiting to get to push into a hole, the grand finale . Niggas hustled day & night splitting shifts , recruiting muhfuckas from the home front & other hoods around the states other niggas recommended… everyday we kept building an army of muhfuckas for the next mission . These were the original new jack city niggas . Everything else was secondary to the game including you muhfuckas families which became victims and hostages in their own homes .
Niggas became ghetto rich &  not fearing shit & getting money by ANY means necessary . The only muhfuckas matter was the niggas who put you on the team & the money . Everything & body was expendable . “Get rich or die trying” . No rules applied to any customer with a dollar . Young, old , pregnant & blind or a preacher . You got the money you bought the high . Niggas got rich & was ACTING AH FOOL .




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