Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

don’t play yaself B

playing yaself is played the fuck OUT!..
Ima tell you how you play yourself: walkin around with a glass of drank🍸…
pretending to be some top shelf bitch💁🏽..
made up by some nigga’s funds💵 ..
while you got lint & lipstick in ya bag..

With ya pinky up… perpetrating to actually like tha nigga..
but you really a drunk, gold diggin bitch💃🏽
that’s always too faded to know the difference between a boyfriend 💏and a trick…💄👜👗
so you keep up the bullshit..
But you really only playin yaself 🙍🏽

another thing: I swear on everything I love, you crying ass, fake dramatic bitches KILL ME.
WHHHHYYYYYY do you continue to whine, cry & complain over a man that cheats.. give him MORE pussy, CRY SOME MORE about some NEW bitches that YOU found while playing inspector gadget🕵…
then CRY some more because he’s still “cheating”, then give him MORE PUSSY 🐱
Good lord!
I swear to the man up above that you bitches are the biggest drama queens in the multiverse🙏🏾
I’ve noticed that some women are into this kind of relationship #tho, and they fuckin LOVE it😍😍…
The crying part is just a part of the dramatics 😪💩
They find a man like this…
figure out VERY quick that he’s that type of man (because those are the only kind of men that these types of ladies deal with) ..
get involved with him..
snoop thru his things…🕵
give him problems..
confront him..
then cry…
so he can comfort her, tell her how much she means to him .. how he’s sorry, and how he don’t know why he keeps doing her like that because he loves her…😴
they have make up sex…
then the behavior stays on repeat🔁 Look bitch, let that man go if you gone keep on crying about shit, acting like u sad bitch, but you NOT. Accept that bullshit and that dick because that’s what u already doing and that’s exactly what you wanna do..
and BE QUIET 🔇..
Nobody wanna hear them dumb, sad ass stories like you can’t find nobody else out here in this world bitch 🤔SAVE THAT SHIT 🙅🏽..
& don’t play yaself, it’s so played bitch.
Bye ✌🏾️✌🏾


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