Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

“F*ck yo folks”

I hate every time a nigga get into an altercation first thing a muhfucka scream ” ima go get my peeps” I’m thinking why the fuck you talk shit knowingly you ain’t gonna do shit about nothing .You started all this shit with your big ass mouth and you’re a scary muhfucka!!! It’s bad enough facing work everyday looking @ the same boring muhfuckas telling you their life history showing you family portraits of their ugly ass family and grave sights pictures of muhfuckas been dead before world war one nshit… I don’t want to be bother with any of that shit you want to show & tell me… The next time a nigga get in my face with that bullshit saying  “Hold up”, Fuck that!!!  I’m not going to sit and wait for you call anybody to your rescue.I’m just gonna viciously beat your ass & say to you …
“Nigga,fuck you! And FUCK YO FOLKS”.



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