Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Last time struggling

Fuck this shit ,let me take you back in the day’s… Ride with me… Niggas out at nite on the corner waiting for the next nigga with a few dollars to splurge cause you spent yours on a bitch you fucked every nite telling your homies you don’t fuck with her cause she ugly… But you’re a broke nigga with no mack, what else is there for a broke nigga wearing run down rags and ravling cuffs dragging the bottom… Shoes scuff nshit, dents in the toes… Niggas & bitches making fun of you… Niggas was fly living @ home parents keeping you fresh everyday allday at school,exactly the way I was living… A nigga had to go out on his own and the streets almost ate a nigga alive… This why muhfuckas gotta hustle hard to eat if you don’t want to go back from sugar to shit again…I swore off suffering that rough life being out allnite & jailhouse bullshit… I told myself never again muhfucka… Fuck that!!!  I had my LAST TIME STRUGGLING.



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