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Bitch please shut up!

I had all I’m going to take off loud mouth nothing type bitches… It’s not a day go by I have to hear a loud mouth bitch striking up dumbass basic gossip. No fuckin body cares to hear that shit!!!
You know how you put up with some stupid shit because you know the author of the drama… So you keep your thoughts to yourself to keep the peace…
It becomes to a boiling point whereas you can’t take this annoying bitch anymore… You wanna slap the bitch until her pussy drip a wet spot in her pants, but you’re a man maintaining your position. Thats one good excuse for her safety,that bitch don’t have to worry about getting her ass slap by a real man… But I know plenty of gutbucket niggas would have pissed on that bitch and slapped her backwards into her own shadow,knocking her to the floor…  It ain’t always in the best interest for everybody to know your petty business… Bitch you ain’t nothing to a muhfucka like myself,who isn’t interested in you enough to have a fuckin shouting match… Besides, I don’t argue with stupid bitches ,especially an immature materialistic bitch…I don’t like fucking off valuable time…
Most times I just want to say BITCH PLEASE SHUT UP!




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