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Hated @ it’s worse

It’s fucked up when you have family members despises you at all cost even after death… Here’s the kicker… Nobody knows why other than the motive is money… How long does that suppose to last…. Not talking bout the money,but the person that is full of hatred & the clutter that clouds their mind. Many are like this person of greed, totally in denial like nothing bad going to happen to you for being greedy… I can live with myself because my conscience is clean.
Your dirty ass will never rest easy as your year’s grow older.Learn to stop lying, trying to cover your tracks yip-yapping bullshit & using poison rhetoric to gain trust from those that doesn’t know the real dirty you… The truth will come to light… The worse ordeal is to see how you’ll be left standing after all the conniving shit you pulled just to better your life at everybody else expense…
Fools never learn until it’s too late… Time up muhfucka!
You been made and you don’t know it… Others know why you been bad mouthfin nshit… You shouldda known better that betrayal will get you in a wortld of trouble… It’s fucked up to know you are HATED @ ITS WORSE.



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