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I saw something…

It’s a shamed I’ve got fucken senile without early detection… I was told I didn’t see something with my own fucken eyes by a 17-year-old known liar… Unfuckenbelievable! I was watching a morning talk show aired late nite ,the Real & the topic was about kids how they use their parents dishonestly .It’s so immature for a parent to bad mouth her mate because of what a child said without gathering all the facts… So, the mother faults you regardless of her child lies, making you the villain nshit… Why wouldn’t the mother weigh her options before finalizing her decision and see the truth for once with more than her eyes… You didn’t believe me when I told you” I know what I SAW”. It’s a got damn shame to see something, but to have your closest trusting mate won’t back you up, the fact you said what you saw… Now the situtation escalates. The next suggested thought is ” fuck it” leave it alone because she can’t go against her child, tho he’s wrong…
This is why step-parents with ready made families have a hard time succeeding ,because the lack of trust all caused by a dishonest , disrespectful step-child…
Lord knows if the mother is immature then what do you expect from her child…
Wisdom doesn’t come in Barbie doll fairy tale books nshit…  When a child lie, it causes turmoil between a couple It can be an ending era of a possible good family unit…  All this bullshit because her son said something out of the ordnairy being disrespectful & the fact that I, the step-father tried to retify the situation and inform the child mother ,which really gave him more motive to ruin the relationship I tried to improve with him and his mother. Especially me telling her I SAW SOMETHING…





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