Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Read !! ! Yes , muhfuckas I said read the shit your old ladies reading maybe you’ll learn something about yourselves reasoning why she says you muhfuckas ain’t shit but deadbeat dads and women beaters . It’s a shame how you niggas jealous of the truth , but it’s been noted that ” the truth hurts ” . Don’t blame another muhfucka from something you could do and probably will get the same results, if your ass had a job . You niggas hate for the wrong reasons & wanna get @ me , niggas please !!! You mad at a working muhfucka doing the job you won’t do for your kids . Next thing , You niggas are fucked up about responsibilities you should be handling like your women ,leaving them home alone when your at home playing fucking video games nshit,puffin blunts nshit and she’s on the phone looking at your jobless ass sideways, whispering to her friend how you ain’t shit . Your dumbass thinking all you need to do is fuck,smoke & talk, like you got a magic wong nshit .
She mad and laughing at your nasty broke ass, you think you got it made living off her kids child support check . It’s these young girls allowing these pants sagging muhfuckas to live off them rent free . Don’t hate the truth muhfuckas because I’m addressing it . Hate yourselves from not doing differently to improve yourself .
I have a question the fellas :
WOULD YOU ALLOW THIS SHIT TO HAPPEN TO YOUR DAUGHTERS? I personally believe you niggas wouldn’t give ah fuck who might fuck over your daughters . Niggas like you are heartless , what the fuck was I thinking to ask something that relevant ,knowingly you niggas will turn your own daughters and girls out to the streets to make you dollar .
Fuck! I’m going to stop this blog right here before I reveal the rest of you muhfuckas characteristics and behavior nshit .
Know this niggas , Your girls are reading trashbaggage .com . You’ll be surprise how many readers I have over 190,000 . Yelp YOU GUYS BETTER READ THIS…







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