Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Be nice!

…that’s the shit muhfuckas say to you because you’re somewhat outspoken but not to whereas you get indignant and making a sense nshit… You’re controllable, but firm… You the type of person don’t like to sugarcoat shit ,but at the same time don’t want to bite your tongue either…
It’s a two-way street, but you prefer to be a straight shooter, straight ahead no hold barrels… Fuck! Whimpering like a bitch…
I’m a man without hesitation I dive right into and says what’s needed to be said… Don’t think for one second because you don’t open your mouth for nothing other than dicks,thinking I’m gonna clamp up & bite down like your scary ass muhfuckas… I am nice enough just the way I am… I’m respectful ,which is the only thing required… Fuck you muhfuckas being judgemental…
Fuck you nitpicking muhfuckas & got the audacity to say BE NICE!



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