Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Made men

What you muhfuckas know about that… Where I’m from and where I been makes me something you probably want ever know and can’t become because you’re a nobody type Nigga!!! I served muhfuckas all over the state’s where you niggas trying to Google your way around the corner without getting lost and no product to serve worth hustling…
Fuck who you are and where you from cause I don’t give ah fuck… It’s nothing you niggas could ever wish to show me without wasting my time…
It’s nothing new under my umbrella of hustlers & gangstas, you can’t rain on us,you muhfuckas got no game just a faded out ink blueprint .Sorry! But you niggas are way too gay these days… Money,I was hilltop rich,not bottom out & spitted on sidewalks like you wannabe hustlers… I been places you only seen as it appear on TV… My life taught me how to live today and not repeat what I was like you muhfuckas dreamed of becoming now… I am the real O.G of my era while you muhfuckas can only pray you’ll make it to the next 50 something birthdays and nobody still won’t recognize you niggas… What you muhfuckas don’t understand is that your hope for fame & what we were after our hood days can’t become a reality… All that gangsta shit and ballin shit ended with us… You niggas are lefted overs … Crack game gone… Weed, the government legalized it… Bookie joints played out ,the internet and Las Vegas killed it… The only hustle left is creative employment or a job…  My crew & gang doesn’t bang no more… We don’t have to muhfuckas, cause we are generational MADE MEN.



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