Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

N*ggas ganged up

Check em out every day all day in the alley standing in a huddle ,twenty broke muhfuckas puffing on a cigarette & one blunt passing in a rotation motion before school nshit… All you can see is dumbass young niggas shaming a culture, wearing dread locks not knowing the significance why they wear them other than a fad nshit… Pants on the ground ,niggas got on tightly dirty briefs nshit ,showing their gay asses…  Fuck these young disrespectful muhfuckas… Old muhfucka like me ain’t playing with no young muhfuckas… I’m cool somewhat playful with the young ladies, a little jokingly for smiles… But a hard headed nigga, I’ll quietly put him in a shadow grave & pour a sack of lime over em, leaving him to rest in hell. That’s the result for fucking with me…
A nigga fucking with me better get a huddle of NIGGAS GANGED UP.




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