Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


What the fuck is this group instant messaging app is about… It must be for kids only… My girl sons are some SnapChat bird chirp noise muhfuckas… That sound is the most annoying shit since alarm clocks… Damn! I’m thinking you regrouped with the same muhfuckas you been in class with all day then back into session with these same muhfuckas online until bedtime…  Gotdamn! At least, when we were kids we drag the old rotary big black dial phone into the bathroom and talk until somebody walks by the door & bends down to pull the long black thirty-foot cord causing you to rush the phone to hangup pretending you weren’t on it by the time they needed it.
Times are a modem and fucked up! Nobody respects your privacy everything is loud with a ringtone or app notification… Fuck! SNAPCHAT.



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