Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Hoes are fun

The so-called decent woman tries to control men whereas they want puppets with very little thought process nshit… It’s hard to tame a street nigga and a real woman knows it rather his pockets are loaded or not… But a hoe is only loyal to money… Because she’s hustling she will give and do whatever you wishes… Bitches are like a genie in a lamp… Hoes come in some helluva packages these days looking like stars nshit… Beyonce, she couldn’t look as fine as some of these hoes with all the money in the world… Niggas talk that shit “money over bitches” But bitches & hoes are very much relevant in this world… I learned more about women listening to a professional hoe than my parents could have taught me about women. I fed that hoe chickens & groceries lots of nights listening how to hustle hoes & bitches… She school me cause she felt I had pimp mentality at that time… In no time I knew how to GET any woman I wanted just because I can MACK A BITCH!!! I’m more of a settled man these days fucking for pleasure and loving my girl with that loving feeling nowadays… I was a dog without shots & a leash ,untamed. Now I’m somewhat calm, but my bite is still viscous if you pet me the wrong way…
I’m a hoes dream and a good catch for a woman to wed… I’m what you call good material for a ready to settle down one woman man…
But in the course it doesn’t change,I still believe HOES ARE FUN.




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