Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

My page muhf*ckas

Let’s get one thing straight especially  you non-observing muhfuckas … My page isn’t  for niggas to initiate their hot two minutes of silliness trying to claim FB fame by friending me with your stupid  jokes…. this isn’t fucken Comedy  Central… Niggas amazes me seriously  not knowing their priorities.. . I make the rules and content on my page…  Your page is the gossip column, whereas my page is very informative in every category & aspect  on life… You  muhfuckas  would know that if you had a life… You muhfuckas gonna learn some gotdamn manners using this arena for your own stupidity!!! Look @ the screen name above, it’s not yours.
So, respect what’s mine muhfuckas or unfriend me asap!





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