Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


That’s what the sign says entering  all towns nshit like this unNeighborly fucken town… I’m tired of talking  about these muhfuckas… Don’t get me wrong,  I’m only talking about the shit starters.  Half this town my cousins… Here’s the funny part… most of these niggas talking shit about us are telling the shit to one of my cousins and not knowing it…
Population 4,000 & 3,000 probably my family here from Mcgehee,Arkansas…
But,I got loyal folks across the bridge too. Family & others looking forward to put their FANGS in a nigga ❤ & ass. If you know you ain’t about this business, keep your mouth shut & family safe. If you fuck with one of us… We’ll fuck off all of yours from the youngest to the oldest… Muhfuckas, that’s how we brawl for keeps… Nasty than a muhfucka! Fuck you! Just as you said it to us. We will DO IT TO YOU! This is your thanks from us because of your fucked up WELCOME.



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