Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Y’all intouch

I know you muhfuckas see me on Facebook…
People really are glad I’m on Facebook because you hadn’t heard from me personally… Funny shit is that how muhfuckas try to show you how cold-blooded they can be because they want to prove to you they don’t need you,especially your family…
Stupid shit! Muhfuckas got this mentality”I don’t have to talk to you” Listen muhfuckas, life to short because you muhfuckas stuck on yourselves..
God forbid you niggas have a death in your family and Money & Property nshit is to heir off.
Bloody thoughts and scandals are in play… Niggas forging early deaths for claims… Watch the greedy cause they have a bloody agenda and you’re it…
Some of us just want to live comfortable without family drama & your strategic moves nshit plotting who’s next…  Some of us just want to see others excel because life can be a bitch a constant beat down…
Muhfuckas need to wake the fuck up and see every day muhfuckas dying around you and your number will be up faster than you’ll know… See, niggas like to wait until things are too late beyond repairing nshit… Muhfuckas must like to mope & crave for sympathy nshit.  All you wanna be tough niggas thinking you walking through life along… You living a fucken lie if that’s your thought… Selfish, fucked up niggas will die hard… Go head pretending you muhfuckas don’t read this shit… I bet you goody two-shoes muhfuckas are near right now,I smell you.
You muhfuckas ,family & friends may not call… but,Y’ALL INTOUCH



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