Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

A real live friend

I saw one of these rare creatures today!!! It looked just like me,human nshit. I couldn’t believe my fucken eyes… Muhfucka knew my name too… I was walking through Walmart and was spotted & a muhfuckas kinda yelled out Sly, I looked in disbelief and thought what the fuck was that shit! This muhfuckas politely walked up introducing himself saying he knew me from back in the day and we were friends nshit… I’m like, it was possible we were kids nshit. He started reminiscing back down memory lane ,all while we are standing in Walmart… I started to remember someone he’s  describing ,still uncertain if it’s him or not. So, I began to get bored then he said “I still owe you from the bet you won,thirty dollars”  In a quick nigga second, I said pay up nigga!  Now!!! He did. I knew right then this nigga had to be A REAL LIVE FRIEND.



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