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Batman vs Superman

That’s the biggest bullshit movie ever made. A super Immortal muhfucka losing a fight to a muhfucka with a gadget utility belt …That’s like having a real champion boxer to throw a fight letting you niggas win nshit,lol… If this sorry  ass shit wins any awards we know got damn well there aren’t any black people voting for ratings on the panel… If black people had the powers of superman , Kryptonite wouldn’t ever be a factor because it wouldn’t never get near us… You can’t use shit against nobody that can’t get
near muhfuckas… Batman ain’t shit!!! It’s muhfuckas from my hood would beat that muhfucka down and take his mask before killing him.
How is it nobody can’t recognize this clean scholar looking white boy because he has a fucken curl at the tip top of his hair & big wide black frame glasses the all-American look & named Clark Kent… If that was Michael Jordan blacked out in a shadow at night in a silhouette… Every muhfucka in the world would be able to recognize him… Hollywood sells you muhfuckas nothing but bull shit and you stupid muhfuckas buy into that shit… You Muhfuckas !!! Y’all believes in that Superhero shit anyway… Fuck you fools and a special fuck you goes out to the writers of that sorry shit.   I know a few dope dealers better superheroes than these make believe muhfuckas… You got people like Shaq & other muhfuckas buying out toy stores and supermarkets giving away shit in the hood…  Those are the superheros we see… Fuck a ticket to that white like life of fairytale shit… Fuck Hollywood & A special Fuck you ! To BATMAN VS SUPERMAN.




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