Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

N*ggas got it made

Hood rich niggas, high self-esteem muhfuckas bragging what they got & how they say ,”you ain’t shit”  Flossing high prices tags left on their clothing,hoping you can only imagine and not getting an opportunity to know what its like to have money…
You drive your K-car up front to get valet parking instead you get the Negro water fountain treatment nshit. But, this time from your own people, 60’s flashback…
Niggas wishing bad on their own folks like today’s issues, 2016 poisonous water tap killers in Flint…
Shit being did onto your own people and you bought brainwashed niggas, minds are totally focused on Gucci & Diamonds worked from the mines of black slaves in this day and year & now!
Sellout niggas talking that black shit ,wearing a wardrobe its Italian nshit identifying themselves with a white alias name .Niggas,wearing white tees & fitted caps bought at the Arabs stores in your hood.
Niggas crying & dying over the infatuation of having a white girl.
Muhfuckas got a few dollars looking down on real folks that ain’t flossing & catching the blues from haters with less than nothing & you think those NIGGAS GOT IT MADE.





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