Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Couples, for example, if you two or meant to be,no adjustments aren’t needed… because the both of you are on the same accord. It’s the same thought process you two encounters making decisions nshit..  Funny how when one of you are always comfortable with the other one ideals & decision making… It’s a relief when arguments occur there easily resolve without effort to determine a solution for a quick fix… It’s effortless to imagine something needs to change when nothing needs fixing… It’s crazy to say you’re a perfect couple, it feels as if you two were tailored made… The best wonders are those you got answers to without ever wondering ,if, its possible for something to go wrong… Weird, you start to feel is it such a thing being in a perfect relationship, but on second thought, you say to yourself that’s ludicrous. One thing for sure you two COMPATIBILITY NEEDS NO ADJUSTMENTS.





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