Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Be first

…you that muhfucka got to be first at everything. Nigga this isn’t a race for life & death to the finish line.
You believe you are in competition with everyone you come in contact.
Nobody gives ah fuck where you rank yourself in life. Fuck you! It isn’t a big deal why you’re first in line for whatever business is yours. Why is so important you have to be loud for everybody to see & hear.
You aren’t special to anyone that you always got to be the one to do everything before everyone else regardless what it is.
Muhfuckas angry at you because you purchased an item they wanted before you bought it. They’ll base their hold life chasing after you ,wanting to be you and know your business @ first hand.
You won’t ever be comfortable in the company of muhfuckas that feels they always need to BE FIRST.





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