Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Bitch n*ggas?

I’m not in the business of escorting nobody. But an attractive woman, I might depend on where what & why… I hope she’s part of the deal ,if not what’s the sense in it for me, other than money… I’m not like them lying muhfuckas talking that shit money over bitches… I LOVE  women like JESUS loves you, fake niggas!!!  If she my woman, I’ll give my life for her if necessary… Fuck that bull shit you niggas blowing smoke saying “women ain’t shit” … Lots of you niggas are straight up punks & followers, your minds made up for you by your bitch niggas…
You niggas are pussies anyway, so I understand why a woman is irrelevant to you niggas…
I’ll take you niggas woman & make you soft niggas make my money… Who’s the pimp now BITCH NIGGAS?




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