Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Why you here?

Family, the one source that supposedly to love you unconditionally . It’s in question these days . Money over the family for those that doesn’t believe in family . Plastic muhfuckas . Unrelated to the word & sense of the meaning, Family . Muhfuckas are hellbound by the choices we make in life . All people with a spiritual belief knows that God speaks of the family in most verses throughout his teaching . What sane muhfuckas think they are bigger than family?
Stupid, muhfuckas don’t realize their biggest purpose of existing is because of family to create and continue Family . People priorities are fucked up . Your duty is to serve & provide for the family . If you believe placing others before & above your immediate family then you just sentence yourself to a punishment out of your hands .Muhfuckas are unbelievable… It’s ridiculous to be that naive, not to know the importance of being part and having a family . Besides, nobody can love you more or replace your family .
If no family, then WHY  YOU HERE ?




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