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Expand the like button

…have you ever liked something so fucken much,when you read or heard it on Facebook you clicked the like button ,but you tried to like it multiple times under the same user name… Well, that’s where Mark Zuckerberg need me to send him a requisition,a verified like button is needed for certain muhfuckas like Twitter offers an verified account blue emblem… This is not an advertisement for rap artist @REDDYROCHLIVE ,but that muhfuckas go so gotdamn hard, it’s fucken ridiculous & If, I had the power I would ban Reddyroch music, so that other artist can survive… He’s that good!
If, I could rap ,I’ll beg that nigga could we be a dynamic duo nshit… I tried to clicked the shit out of the like button… Too bad, I kept liken & it would unlike…
Mark ,really need to EXPAND THE LIKE BUTTON.



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