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Master manipulator

…these muhfuckas comes in all shades and gender … You ever knew a couple and thought to yourself ‘ they don’t belong together ‘. Sure you have muhfuckas!  Every muhfucka has been judgemental at least once… I know I have & will again during this blog.So, fucken what, it’s not to say I am exactly right though chances are I might be.
Broke ass ,grown nigga is manipulative to his self-proclaimed girlfriend he says… He shows no sign of embarrassment in front of nobody because he’s disrespectful,it’s natural for him,probably raised in a barn.
He doesn’t have any pride for himself & no respect for his girlfriend… He’s incompetent to think for himself to take care of himself. So, he uses her to help himself …His only way of getting her attention is to be forceful and threatening her with bully tactics nshit..  It’s because he’s such a lousy low-life ,he feels to have a relationship with any woman that has low self-esteem, he has to be a MASTER MANIPULATOR.






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