Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

watch em!

…anytime someone always willing to help you voluntarily, that muhfucka has a hidden agenda. Pay very close attention.
You, niggas, stay blinded by the sudden gifts & invitations to out- of- town trips nshit or the sudden generosity of cash endorsements…
Funny ,you smart high I.Q  muhfuckas are easily snowed by the manipulation from poisonous minded muhfuckas. It’s a shame how hatred can stick to you from the word of a vindictive muhfucka out to ruin your credibility, which isn’t hard to do because of your past history of wrong doing & misfortunes… If the innocent parties weren’t blinded by the guilty parties this blog wouldn’t be relevant.  This why for those that know me ,don’t listen to the witches trickery nshit… deception and lies are their lives. WATCH EM!





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