Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Hoe sympathizers

Young muhfuckas always talking that whimy shit like you niggas are pimps nshit working with trained puppys and can’t trained yourselves though you’re given the simplest command from a hoe ” sit nigga sit” I hear you niggas & see you stupid muhfuckas with no credibility not even HOES respect you niggas cause you busy tryna be like em… Bitch niggas! You muhfuckas are dick eaters…
It’s you sorry ass muhfuckas that’s tricken & tricks more than female hoes that are the hustlers. You niggas are imposters perpetrating as street hustlers & straight guys… pants down inviting other niggas to tap Dat ass… You niggas look gay,broke and stupid… Fuck whatcha think! Look around niggas,it ain’t us… Shit so fucked up, it ain’t funny to us either… Niggas, this shit you muhfuckas demonstrate, supposedly being men you muhfuckas are something other than pretending to be sane & straight men… Guys like me can and don’t want to understand you muhfuckas.. You niggas are 2016 era shit!  Men from my era we love the ladies that are female, not like you GIRLY muhfuckas… Sorry pal, Opps! I mean Mr.Hoe man… We, can’t help you,we’re just not HOE SYMPATHIZERS.





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