Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Negros frontin nsh*t!

Negros,you see em with the black power talks nshit, informing the people what’s to come and where we’re going as a people nshit.. Niggas knows all the black literature and rhetoric they preach to the masses in large global arenas like this forum,got the niggas attention directing and orchestrating shit, for upcoming dates for an revolution … Niggas don’t unite until blood is shed, never getting prepared..
I know niggas better than most black people…
Let’s not take polls after all what niggas has said & done nothing to better situations they preach…
Fuck what anybody says, when shit hit the fan, its all going down as aspected… Every nigga for himself… Every muhfucka alive will be screaming self-preservation… Niggas stop wasting my time talking that bullshit… Ashamed?  Nigga please!  What fucken changes you niggas made to gain the trust of black people.. last time I checked, the neighborhoods gotten worser & so have unemployment.
Political niggafied city officals at the forefront, stealing money and serving bullshit to the community,you serves no purpose .
These niggas stayed cover-up. NEGROS FRONTIN NSHIT!



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