Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

You muhf*ckas are crazy

I know I hit below the belt purposely niggas. What you thought I was being fair nshit, you niggas kidding me right?! Really, no need to answer, but I don’t mind this time muhfuckas… Y’all complains about what I fucken says in a blog? Seriously?! Well I feel for the dumb,but not the stupid.. Do y’all know me personally nshit… Too bad muhfuckas if you believe everything I blog about, you feel its pertaining to you… Wow! I must be damn good,. Well truthfully most of it is about you muhfuckas… Point out what part you believe isn’t about your life from my perspective… Somewhere you read and I had to hit a nerve… I understand, I can see that happening, considering you ain’t shit and always initiating bullshit & always snooping and interfering in people’s lives, making up lies ,shit you don’t know.
Up to this point your existence had no significance ,until you poked your nose into matters that doesn’t concerns you… You niggas earned a real lesson today that people don’t usually notice as i do,that YOU MUHFUCKAS ARE CRAZY.



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