Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Captured on camera

People doing too much stupid shit on social media, snapping inappropriate selfies & street shit. Niggas are an embarrassment on Facebook ,ass out nshit!!! Niggas got lives like rats & roaches, everybody wants to stomp your asses cause you’re irritating the decent people with that bull shit… I know you niggas are living in the woods nshit ,acting like you from wild kingdom hoping to be recognized by the Discovery Channel. Why not you silly fucks are selling out on all the other networks for reality TV…
Screaming rants & derogatory terms ,explosive shit for your trashy audience. You finally made it for the world to see the niggahs you really worked hard to become at all cost… Pride & dignity is no longer an issue ,you muhfuckas accomplished that by self-degrading yourselves as you niggas wished… Don’t thank me,thank yourselves for all the intentional misguidance you long for. Its all CAPTURED ON CAMERA.





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