Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Double life

She wants me ,loving me but kissing him… She tells me I’m the one for her, but he’s the one she need… She lives along,he can visit, but I can’t… She fucks me but have long talks with him she said… She goes out on dates with him but visits me in secrecy… I love her ,she loves me but have mixed feelings for him… She loves me but don’t want to marry me… But she says she is not going on with him…
She wants both worlds ,fuck one & kiss the other… Lie to him ,but claims she tells me the truth but plays with both of our minds… I don’t need this shit just to get pussy… After all her sexual training with me, I prepared her for him ,I believe to be true… So, I’m sure she knows she doesn’t need to fuck me anymore… Right! Well, she can move on now… Fuck her & her DOUBLE LIFE.



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