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I ain’t sharing sh*t

…don’t send me shit to share online, I don’t give ah fuck what it is.  That should be a person choice, not for you niggas to force shit on a person.
Prayer, If you gonna pray for someone, just do it!!! When did you muhfuckas ever needed permission… you never asked a muhfucka shit when you were being judgemental & condemning people to hell ,as if you were appointed to sit on the right hand of God as his henchman.
Niggas crack me up with their self-righteous bull shit… Usually,it’s the front row church members are shoving Bible passages down people throats, the fucken do-gooders nshit..  Sit your asses down and learn the difference between what you heard & what you read… Don’t point scriptures to me you choose to favor you for capital gain nshit, holding the Bible in your hands as if you know what you’re talking about…
Share it elsewhere to muhfuckas that don’t know better… Don’t ask me my thoughts on this blog though it is pertinent…  Muhfuckas!!! I AIN’T SHARING SHIT!sb.jpg


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