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Jesus on Facebook

…to many niggas sees & hear Jesus at the same time on Facebook…  I’m talking fast, kilo seconds nshit. Funny thing about it, is that most of  them if not all are over thirty years old.
No niggas under thirty too much talks to Jesus on Facebook… Every last one that’s calling  are usually ex-drug addicts & convicts…
People that are trouble by something or someone.   It’s never doing the times of good things happening ,only bad or wrong… It’s like all these muhfuckas are victims.
Well, you all can, if you chose can excuse me for not knowing your found reasoning for sharing your past of victimization stories…
My past was everything I chose to do without remorse, no need for redemption. I did what the fuck I wanted to do, no regrets, all a learning process in the time it was done as if that was the plan… I survived it all, plus the niggas.
I’m just not one for discussing  JESUS ON FACEBOOK



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