Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

No more classics

What’s the past is all that’s left we can call classic because today’s and the early yesterdays aren’t shit like it was back then…
Music isn’t music no more & rap isn’t black conscience with substance anymore,music without a cause… Everything is a song with profanity nshit & meaningless.
Rap music is commercially ruined. White America helped!!!
You don’t hear anything like Public Enemy or Poor Righteous Teachers…
We got shit for sound now…
You have a few artists out there like Jill Scott & Kendrick Lamar…
Niggas think because it’s hot hits on the radio now, that it would be years to come…
Well,Wrong muhfuckas, not that bull shit being played… These niggas have closed the door on soul music its over and died out with the late greats.
Check for yourselves muhfuckas if you know music…



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