Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I don’t like bull shit while I’m doing business with mofo’s… I play around but not with business… It doesn’t matter you think it’s fun time or not. Fuck! Joking nshit has nothing pertaining to my work… If I’m in beast mode to work than gotdamit so be it,lets work! It’s fucked up you explain this to people and they get mad at you because you serious about your business… Fuck that! Play is one thing but business is my bread & butter and play doesn’t produce that for me… Never be mad at a muhfucka trying and wanting to handle business with you… This world is fucked up enough weighing you down in everyday  shit… I don’t need extra drama from nobody… If any muhfuckas want to fuck with me, make it count dollars dammit… THIS IS BUSINESS MOFO’S.



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