Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

You finally stopped!

So, after all, the rolling in the hay, its a wrap!
Wow! No warning notice because your feelings gotten hurt over a few words that weren’t near as much meaningful as shit said & done onto you from your past…
This what happens when you are lying to yourself, pretending what has been the truth,but doing what’s wrong in the first placed..
Now you got the animosity act towards the very one you claimed to love & now you hate because of the discomfort it has brought upon yourself,also the shamed along with harsh words. That’s all part of an argument In the heat of things during couples disagreements.
So, what, dirty awful shit was said… Fuck how malicious you thought it meant. One thing people in love do know… No matter how thick shit gets, it’s a stinky situation, afterwards everything prevails back to it’s normal setting then all well ends well… Love is back & forth… You leave and return…
It’s nothing between a couple permanent good or bad…  But,it is true that one of you will get fed up with the lies and abuse.
until one of YOU FINALLY  STOPPED!




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