Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Tell me something good

…don’t tell me shit about something I already know… That’s the shit niggas say when they ain’t got shit to say…
Niggas, you can almost pinpoint exactly why a nigga is about to address  you just before he’s about to beg for something…
A nigga will reminisce bout how you were friends and mention the time he loans you $5, but never mentioned the money ten times over you GAVE him after paying the five dollars you borrowed because you were short of an item at the checkout stand… You gave him that $5 back as you got in the car where you left your wallet…  It  wasn’t like you didn’t have the money, you could have run to the car bringing the five dollas back to the cashier… But this nigga is digging for a reason to beg for money .So, he figured bringing up old shit for favors it would land him a buck or two from me… I was like a nigga doesn’t come to me with that petty shit. That shit ain’t nothing to tell.
Nigga, if you decide to step to me you better TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD.





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