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What’s the purpose

It’s weird not understanding something so easily & simple… Respect!!!
It’s the one thing that every living human being should understand and want,even for themselves.
Couples, the biggest target for disrespect from others and being disruptive to each other… The lie told is that it takes two… No muhfuckas it doesn’t…
One of you can totally initiate bullshit all along without others involvement…
One can totally provoke chaos…
The weird shit about the whole matter ,who does this shit in the same breath and says it’s a relationship of passion & love… How can you say you love someone when you show no concern or respect for someone you claim you love… And they take what little they have in this world just to give to you and  muhfuckas doesn’t appreciate shit, now you want to holler how you don’t need shit from them,but nobody sees you giving everything back, big or little whatever you consume while accepting what was giving.
What couple believes that its right to live in a house together but wants separatism.
(You do you ) rhetoric. What couples supposedly sane thinks along them lines believing you don’t need to know their whereabouts nshit…
What is it to say you’re a couple, but you aren’t to call me when one of you are out being busy for whatever reasons, but you might be needed or just wanting to check in on you just because there is a moment of love & spirit felt..
What one would say shit like” why you need to know what I’m doing or where are you” especially when one of you are away from home…
Truth is ,this is not an issue bout trust… This is an issue of Love & Commitment.Seriously!
If a person is into you feeling all the world of love because of your existence, you should be flattered someones wants to know your whereabouts are to see how you’re doing…
Someone showing concern because they love and think of you more than themselves…
Every person hates a smart alec wannabe slick muhfuckas…
The type plays innocent nshit about the way they are behaving as if they don’t know why. They pretend and does the stupid shit they do for attention but causing turmoil…
People in relationships give you ammunition to leave their asses, then they put on the hardcore wannabe look as if they all of a sudden don’t want you or need you… Fuck that ! That’s their inability to be mature and act civilized and recognize that this is a real relationship and not some shit in the street for you and your friends to gossip
” girl you don’t need him”
I’m willing to bet her girlfriend is manless too.
If you’re a couple and planning a future, it comes a time to fucken grow up, take responsibility for each other needs.
If you’re not wholeheartedly committed… Then WHAT’S  THE PURPOSE.



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