Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

B*tch, better call me

I’m sick of this bitch not calling me,knowing I’m waiting on her ready to break her back doggie style… This the shit she does on purpose like its her way of getting her adrenaline going nshit by making me wait, as if i’m gonna beg like a puppy… She know got damn well fore play gonna take a minute or two before I can hit… But what’s the sense in talking about it. The thought is arousing me and I’m not in her pussy yet… This how it is when a nigga hooked on a crazy bitch pussy,especially when she wants nothing but your dick.
Guys talk that lying shit like they don’t wait for pussy..  It’s the pussy that lures niggas before falling in love with her…
I see nothing wrong loving a girl for her pussy, its been said everybody has a reason why they love someone… All pussy maybe located in the same area,but they all don’t feel the same nor they all get worked the same… And all pussy ain’t adjustable… Sloppy!!!
It’s because when I was younger & after all my sexual experiences I had ,I am a pussy expert… I would still fuck free because I love black pussy ,though i might be worth at least a chicken dinner afterwards for apprecitation pay… It’s one of you women right now ready to fuck because of what you read so far… Lol, I gotcha! But,it is one of you that would love to fuck & want me… That’s not me being arrogant ,its real shit ,I’m consider as a good man dammit! Email me ladies and tell me your fantasy, I’ll keep it between us… Looks like my present girl don’t give ah fuck no more,she gotten use to me & my dick. Lol… If, she still does care, then the bipolar, psychotic BITCH, BETTER CALL ME.




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