Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I laugh @ myself

It kills me inside laughing at myself the things I blogged… I am an outrageous muhfucka at times… I know you muhfuckas think it too… I hear the whispers and some of you I know personally know that calls me because you can…
I love blogging shit,tho I look back and see blogs that are incorrectly posted nshit.  But hey, it’s all part of blogging, thinking ahead and forget to correct what you’ve blogged… Remember muhfuckas, I’m not  a professional writer… But, I am a professional critic . I’m better at that than blogging…  I have a large number of muhfuckas reading this shit… You muhfuckas aren’t too professional your damn selves from the life you niggas live daily.
You all got some sort of errors in your life happening as you read this… It’s not just me that isn’t perfect, you got some muhfuckas more fucked up than you & I combine together… Hey! I’m good with it… You should be too, considering the bull shit muhfuckas are yourselves.This blog is one of many reasons why I LAUGH @ MYSELF.



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