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You muhf*ckas got kids

Stop all that cursing nshit before your kids hear that shit… Don’t be on Facebook posting nasty shit and talking about muhfuckas you don’t know and they have friend your ass because that’s what members does on Facebook..  You should be ashamed of yourselves from the content you let people see you post… I bet your family of females sees the shit you say…
Nigga ,what kind of role model are you for the sons of fathers knowingly this the image you plant in their minds… How could you be so vulgar and not sensitive to people that don’t behave in this manner… What about your pastor and church members seeing you and your face,they knowing this is your account… Man,don’t you know kids read this shit too…
What do you got to say for yourself…
Sly1 reply:
Humm! If you are concern about your kids ,where is the parental guidance from you sorry ass parents?
What is it about me and my blogs where you have to read.
Why the fuck I can’t exercise my right.
Whatever happen to mind your business.
How about you muhfuckas stay in your lanes and I promise not to fuck with you on your page…
Listen muhfuckas this is my page my world.
How bout you check to see if you got freedom of choice too.
Lastly, I say ” Fuck you & your thoughts ”
And that’s your fault YOU MUHFUCKAS GOT KIDS.




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