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Serious topics

If I was a politician,  civil rights leader of some sort or a spiritual leader teaching truth for change, I wouldn’t get one share,like ,poke or tweet because people like and want bull shit everyday all-day regardless how relevant your political views… or teachings of world views and historians of all kinds including biblical point of views.
If it’s in their best interest truth or not, you would have to adopt the ways of ignorant shit in order to have a successful newspaper, magazine or blogger site…  The majority of the people wants gossip & bull shit…
Celebrities, for whatever categories, they are the main focus of stories in demand today’s issues and wannabe news.
The social media isn’t social because the socialist are dictators under one leadership. Facebook, it’s the social god in command with only its terms of policy we all must obey or be locked out of our page… Which you’re only the owner until they say otherwise. Never expect the results of greatness without the concerns of fools input challenging you ,It’s the American way, destruction to bring happiness…
Sometimes a difference of opinions can get you fucked up! This blog is enough truth and example of SERIOUS TOPICS.





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