Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Good times the sitcom

…lots of you muhfuckas relate to every episode…
Hopeless muhfuckas couldn’t do shit to better their condition always another  obstacle in their way weakened James Evans, changes to become any thing he wanted to be with no fucken education.
J Jay the talented artist never good enough or smart enough to build an art gallery becoming successful.
Brother Michael, the militant boy that couldn’t  find a way or cause to rally the people in community he lived to initiate a change.
Thema the hood beauty with dreams of her own, but always looking for that rich nigga to sweep her off her feet instead of using her brains & beauty.
Lastly:Florida ,The Humble housewife & mother.
The spiritual leader in the house with white Jesus on the wall to give her strength to hold on the gospel always praying ,but kept her husband from voicing his opinion… Keeping that nigga in a warehouse was good enough for her ,but she wanted more than just a home she claimed. Bullshit! She loved their too small apartment she consider a godly blessed home… Plantation mentality niggas! Those muhfuckas loved the ghetto life.
That crazy bitch! The lonely neighbor, Ms. Hoe Ass Willona , thinking she can fuck her way into the arms of stability from a pimp nigga… That show was entertainment from a different stand point .Dem niggahs was fucked up!





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