Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

How yall doing

Well ,I really don’t care how any of you muhfuckas doing,feelings mutual I’m sure… I use to care cause that’s the guy I am today.
But tell me this… Why do I need to call or check in with muhfuckas that having heard shit positive about me because of one muhfucka bad mouthfin me and now the listeners & freeloaders and followers minds have been poison… Fuck a visit to see any of them muhfuckas… Cold-blooded niggas waiting for you to die just to tarnish your memory in the minds of love ones who thought you were just as much family as the rest of them… Instead your name is mud without your knowledge, you wondering why especially when you didn’t do shit to deserve to be alienated… Fucken shame you aren’t accepted and able to sit with the same muhfuckas you grew up with claiming they love you ,family nshit… It’s bullshit… Fuck what bond you had because of twisted stories and lies. It doesn’t matter who you are to them anymore… Hope you can live the rest of your life without the drama because far as I’m concern you  muhfuckas don’t count any more…
Fuck em! REGARDLESS!!! They might have a little love for you, but they don’t give ah damn! Now,do you backstabbing muhfuckas really want to know how I’m doing… You muhfuckas need to check yourselves for real listening to bullshit instead of going on what you know in your hearts. Stupid muhfuckas worse than their messengers delivering bullshit rumors.
Question is… Niggas, HOW YALL DOING.





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