Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Black people have been the centerfold of racism, segregation ,hate crimes and reign on over deaths from law enforcement. But when you hear your own people say shit like “they care not to discuss issues pertaining to black people” and don’t want any involvement .That is a nigga pretending to care to love themselves and have no claim wanting to be black other than their pigmentation of color… How could black parents raise a child & not taught black history in their home… This is the slaves owners works & teachings once again… They teach us to love them and hate ourselves, brain washed us to  believe their discoveries are for the betterment of our people. They use the Bible to govern over us with trickery nshit. It’s all to keep black people ignorant of their own history into carrying hopeless dreams of having a future…  Niggas will argue you down if you utter the words black history… They’ll fight you tooth & nails”  talking that black shit” as they say… It’s the lessons of black history that teaches us exactly our NOW purpose in life on earth.
Generations of ignorance trickle down to our women, the heads of our children whom which they are raising…
If the woman is ignorant more than likely so would be the child…
It’s ashamed how NIGGAS needs a whip hanging over their heads to be made to understand the truth and how they don’t understand why they are in the conditions they live…
Niggas are like a bad apple in a barrel trying to rotten out our minds because they can’t see further than what their masters taught them for centuries.
A stupid nigga is dangerous and poisonous for all people, especially black people… It’s sinful to not have an interest in your own people past & present… Even the bible gives you a history lesson of its version… Careful black man, you start teaching black awareness in your home it’s not just the white supremacy radiacals that will continue to hate you ,it’s the NEGRO woman even more dangerous cause she’s a believer and product of the slave masters teachings too… Black men have to now and always control & take responsibility to teach his own. Because NIGGAS HATE BLACK HISTORY.



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