Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Don’t say sh*t!

How many times you muhfuckas are gonna read my shit in silence gritting your teeth clenching your fist tight in anger, wanting to reply but you don’t ? Fearing my response being fucked up with something said off the wall totally different than the subject at hand… I would probably attack something about you ,pissing you off where you feel the need to download Google earth searching my location wanting to retaliate physically…  But only causing yourself instead to get physically fucked up… I’m dangerous & proud of it,  cause you niggas know I don’t play… Nigga, it’s no combative confrontation today then rejoicing  in friendship tomorrow… Fuck that! This shit is not an option for forgiveness.
Nigga, I don’t  forgive or forget, that’s my final decision… Death to muhfuckas that causes chaos in my life…  If you don’t like it, no need for you muhfuckas to break silence… Trust me, its because you don’t know me, it’s best you muhfuckas DON’T SAY SHIT!




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