Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Okay cry babies, let us settle this shit for once and for all ,especially black people the others aren’t my concerns…
All you muhfuckas worried about Donald Trump and his campaign for the presidency .Honestly muhfuckas! Who’s running for office isn’t the only thing you niggas need to worry about. Help yourselves doing for each other, black people… You muhfuckas have the 2nd powerful dollar in this country and worried about a muhfucka that can’t and will not win… Fuck all the candidates,because even with you so-called negros votes the shit they talk & promises aren’t never pertaining to you muhfuckas anyway regardless what’s said… Listen Muhfuckas! When they say America, they are not meaning you niggas… They mean Europeans, the homemade hostile immigrants … Lol, you Negros need to pay attention to what’s real and not all that smoking gun bullshit… Minds are a terrible thing to waste and you muhfuckas ain’t helping anything with your FUCKED UP POLITICAL VIEWS.



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