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Fan email

It’s fanatic shit, fantasy email of infatuation… I know this because I’m the recipient. People want a piece of you , but selfishly  hating the fact that others claim to love you much more than they could imagine because of your popularity and their commitment & your large following of web readers.
I’m flattered that there are people that take an interest in me and my blogs … Its a blessing in disguise especially considering the content being so explicit nshit… But,it never affects the point being made or truth being told.
It’s a job trying to establish something others won’t try, because of their fears, they’ll accept failure & refuse to push forward in life.
I blogged what I want without precautions…  I believe thats why my readers email me because of a chance of commenting publicly in an open forum,it might bring them embarrassment. So they witheld posting public comments nshit.
Blogging shit does cause trouble sometimes nobody is ready for at this day and age… I’m Identifiable to many of my readers personally & don’t give a fuck… It’s my boldness they appreciate, probably why muhfuckas sends me thousands of FAN EMAIL.



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