Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I blog shit , it’s everything I know happening in America .  But, muhfuckas snitching on each other to keep their freedom and trying to avoid shit that could cost them prison.  It’s that very shit said that got you muhfuckas in the predicament you’re into this day…
You stupid muhfuckas got nothing better to do than to tell on the job associates & staff administrators the shit I blogged… Fuck it! Listen up fools, I know my fucken rights…
Besides, the truth can’t hurt me about you niggas… Think about this before trying to fuck with me…
Look @ your damn self first and ask do you think you know what you’re doing when fucken with me? It’s crucial muhfuckas!
Check yourselves muhfuckas, this shit is serious and you muhfuckas still sucking your mama’s titties playing in sand boxes nshit… Think again muhfuckas while you continue to merry go round your thoughts in a circle of trouble you can’t crawl your way out like the baby shitters you are niggas… Stay in your cribs under your blankets kiddies and nap like the small minded muhfuckas y’all … Leave this shit to the adults…



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