Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Piggy backing off women

True shit!  This for you imposters, the real NIGGAHS as you say you are,that’s your nationality , Niggah!!! The woman beater ,the child neglecter. The irresponsible muhfuckas  that don’t give a damn bout shit. He’s that nigga that talks shit about his girl to everybody in the worse way, lower than the scum himself ,disrespecting her in front of his niggas… He’s the nigga thinks it’s cool living off his girl taking from her & kids never contributing shit to deserve anything to call himself a man… Fuck any nigga thinks it’s cool robbing women & children out of their home and finances…
What man sits in a forum with others bragging how he takes from his girl and name calling her when in fact he’s the real bitch nigga…
Any woman lets a man run over her in her home,she needs psychiatric treatment and a father to rescue her from this weak individual portaying to be a man… He’s really ashamed of himself because of his pitifulness & trifliness to have a so-called woman and to say he’s a man… He know he’s a sorry, weak muhfucka



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